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In and around Hamburg

HVV Apps

HVV Apps

In the HVV you can choose between different apps which are exactly tailored to your needs. Whether you need to buy a ticket, find the right connection, plan your route or see our sharing offers – just choose the app which suits you best.  

This is what the HVV App (in German) for iOS and Android offers:

  • search for connections with interim transfer points
  • 7 % discount when you buy single, day and supplementary tickets (not on Hamburg CARD)
  • purchase of monthly season tickets and tickets for senior citizens 63+ 
  • map of the surrounding area direct on your start screen

N.B.: To use the app, you need a MeinHVV account, account – it comes free of charge – which you set up as part of the registration process if you don’t already have one. You can see an overview of your order history and the means of payment you have stored any time you want in this MeinHVV account. 
Our films (in German) show you how to  register or purchase tickets - it’s easy! 

With hvv switch it only takes a few clicks to buy the main HVV tickets (including 7 % online discount), book a journey with our ride-sharing service MOIA or use SIXT share.

Just download the App in your App Store or Google Play, register as a one-off in hvv switch and store an existing PayPal account as your means of payment.

Any more questions? Then click on hvv switch to find out more. 

You want to get from A to B, and you haven’t got a timetable to hand?? With the ioki Hamburg App for iOS or Google Play you can book your journey individually with just a few clicks. 

The special feature: wherever possible, we combine several journey requests, so other passengers with a similar destination may get on during your journey. That helps to reduce the pressure on the roads and the environment. This on-demand service is on offer from Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein GmbH (VHH) (in German) together with ioki, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn.

The advantages at a glance: 

  • many stops, short distances to get to them
  • always there for you: on call 24/7 
  • transparent: you can see at once which vehicle can pick you up and, after you book, where it is at the moment
  • transparent costs too: HVV fare scale + a service surcharge per journey
  • we want to know what you think: you can give us feedback about ioki after a journey in the APP 

How to pay

You can pay with no hassle direct in the ioki Hamburg App via credit card or Paypal. That goes for the service surcharge as well if you already have a valid HVV ticket. Alternatively, you can buy a prepaid card or remit the fare money via SEPA transfer, and the journeys or the service surcharge can be paid in advance to VHH (German only).

Do you have any questions? Then find out more on ioki Hamburg (German only).

Using the Info-App and an NFC-enabled smartphone you can read out your HVV Card yourself – any time you want and wherever you are. That means that you always have an overview of what products are on your electronic personal travel pass. The HVV Card Info-App is available for Android and iOS (information and App in German). 

Please note: The App will only show what tickets have been purchased.  It is not possible to use it to check whether they are valid at the location where you are or for the journey you are on at that moment.

Whenever you use the purchase function, please always be sure that you have completely downloaded the ticket before you start your journey or go onto the station platform and that your smartphone is working properly. We can only check your ticket without any trouble in an inspection then.