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HVV in figures

  • 10359 stations

    That is four times the number of bridges.

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    14966 km network length

    That’s equivalent to 2,000 walks around the Alster.

  • Daily 2.7 million passengers

    Just to compare: HVV transports the equivalent of the entire 2.5 million visitors that visited Hamburg’s Spring Funfair in 2019 every day.

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    3,526 million inhabitants

  • Fahrzeuge_Neu

    4485 vehicles

  • 763 lines

    What a coincidence: On average it rains 763 l/m2 in Hamburg (in Munich it’s even 971 l/m2).

  • Verbundgebiet_Neu

    8616 km² HVV service area

    By federal states that is: 747 km² for Hamburg, 4,036 km² for Schleswig-Holstein and 3,833 km² for Lower Saxony.

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    889 million euros of fare revenue