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hvv Deutschlandticket

Travel more cheaply and flexibly than ever before

If you travel frequently with hvv you can now save real money with the hvv Deutschlandticket as an all-year season ticket, valid all over Germany! 

Unbeatable value for money€ 49 a month as an all-year season ticket
Valid all over Germanyfor one person on local and regional services in 2nd class  (not on IC, EC, ICE  trains)
Flexibleyou can cancel it monthly (up to the 10th of the current month)
Individualavailable as a digital ticket in the hvv switch App or on a chipcard 
Attractive benefits

With a hvv Deutschlandticket you can sign on for the hvv Plus programme at no extra cost.

Also good to know

The new ticket is only valid for one person and is not transferable. You will need to have an official photo ID with you if you are checked. You can take along children under 6 free of charge as always. 

Weekend + ticket

You can buy a monthly additional ticket on top of your season ticket for € 15 in the App or at a ticket machine which allows you to take along 1 other adult and 3 children aged 6-14 on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. This is only valid on the entire hvv network.  


Bicycles can be taken on board in U-Bahn, S-Bahn and AKN trains as well as on many bus lines Mondays to Fridays outside peak times (6 am to 9 am, 4 pm to 6pm) as well as at weekends and on public holidays all day.  Dogs can be taken along at any time free of charge.

  • For 1 journey: The upgrade fare for 1st class services RB/RE is 2,40 € (valid in fare rings A-F).
  • 1 month:  The upgrade fare for 1st class services RB/RE per month is  47,20 €  (valid on the entire hvv network)

If you live in Hamburg and qualify for the social discount you can get a discount of € 30 per person and month on hvv monthly and all-year season tickets as well as the hvv Deutschlandticket as a subsidy from the City of Hamburg.

Find out all you need to know about our special offers for young people in vocational training or at university on our website pages for apprentices/trainees or students.

Most of our subscription all-year season ticket holders with a hvv Deutschlandticket can now switch over quite simply from the hvv Card to a ticket in the hvv switch App. For this, your client contract partner must be Hamburger Hochbahn AG. This is the case if your client number (see your hvv Card or your contract documents) begins with “19”. 

These clients will receive a letter with a switch code and instructions how to use it. After you have switched over your hvv Deutschlandticket to the hvv switch App, your all-year subscription on the hvv Card will be automatically cancelled and the Card thereby ceases to be valid. The digital hvv Deutschlandticket then immediately becomes valid.

All other clients can continue to use their hvv Deutschlandticket on the hvv Card.

When the Deutschlandticket was first introduced, there was a transitional period where the rule applied that existing all-year season ticket holders in other transport alliances could continue to use their tickets all over the country.

As of 01.08.2023 Deutschlandtickets, including the user data which go with them, have to be machine-readable by ticket inspectors all over the country in a standardized way. For this reason our existing all-year season ticket holders have received a letter of confirmation for their hvv Deutschlandticket.

This should be taken along, together with a photo ID, when you travel using the ticket. It contains a QR code confirming your entitlement to travel and is valid all over Germany until 31.10.2023. A new ticket will be sent in the next few weeks.